Teams announced for Fr Fitzgerald Cup

Post date: Mar 14, 2012 4:05:39 PM

The Fr Fitzgerald Cup for our national school pupils is now only day away!!!!

The impact of ours and the Camógie club work at schools and underage level has been shown in this year's enrollment for the Fr Fitzgerald Cup. There are 95 boys and girls entered in the competitions, which begin on Saturday morning, St Patricks Day at 10.30am. The reason we say competitions is that such was the demand from 2nd class pupils to take part, there is a second 4 team 7-a-side competition for 2nd class pupils. The main competition for 3rd to 6th class pupils is already oversubscribed with panels of 16/17 in all four teams. The competition is intended to be 15-a-side but there are always some no shows on the day. All participants (including managers) must be registered club members. Registration can be completed on the day.

The full list of teams are below.

Fr Fitzgerald Cup (15-a-side)(3rd to 6th Class)

TEAM A (Managers: J. Connell, K. Clancy, M. Darcy)

Aaron Connell

Shane Clancy

Keith Carter

Evan Kenny

Cian Folan

Aoife Burke

Elana Clancy

Dean Greally

Gerard Leonard

Jack Osborne

Daniel McDonagh

Donal Enright

Sean McNerney

Amy Darcy

Colm Cunningham

Cian Thomas

Noel Thomas

TEAM B (Managers: M. Barrett, E. O’Connor, S. Deane, S. McDonagh)

Tom O’Connor

Sean Barrett

Andrew McDonagh

Andrew Power

Sean Seoighe

Eileen Donoghue

Rachel Gavin

Luke McDonagh

Kieran Moran

Niall Fitzgerald

Cian Deane

Troy Devaney

Eoin O’Reilly

Hannah O’Sullivan

Aaron Barrett

Maccon Kenny

Oran Conneely

TEAM C (Managers:, A. Davoren, J. Fox, K. Plower)

Joseph Lydon

Cillian Leonard

Cathal O’Buaigh

Alan Carr

Ross Fox

Cillian Davoren

Rebecca Halloran

Aine Higgins

Tomas Gannon

Kevin Burke

Liam Gwilliam

Rys Plower

Ben O’Sullivan

Anna Roche

Kevin Walsh

James McLoughlin

Daniel Hackett

TEAM D (Managers: C. Davoren, J. Corr, G. Power)

Oran McLoughlin

Fionn McDonagh

Jack Brennan

Cillian Clancy

Micheal Joyce

Leah Connell

Ellen Power

Fiachra Mulkerrins

Daniel Cox

Owen Hester

Jack O’Toole

Frank McManus

Jason McDonagh

Oran Fahy

Louis Corr

Eanna Davoren

Fr Fitzgerald Cup (7-a-side)(2nd Class)

TEAM A (Managers: U. O’Sullivan, J. Tobin)

Banerjee, Ria

Davis-King, Cian

O’Halloran-Tobin, Patrick O’Sullivan, Gavin

O’Toole, Cian

Porter, Oisin

Seoighe, Liam

TEAM B (Managers: F. Enright, D. Kearns)

Darcy, Morgan

Enright, Eamon

Fahy, Jake

Kearns, Paul

McDonagh, Aaron

McDonagh, Fiachra

McDonagh, Niall

TEAM C (Managers: P. Moughan, M. McGee)

Clancy, Colin

Forde, Colin

Gibson, Sam

Griffin, Kealon

Moughan, Michael

McGee, Adam

Ni Ruain, Leah

TEAM D (Managers: M.Donoghue, S. Hester)

Dempsey, John

Donoghue, David

Gwilliam, Colm

Hester, Rory

Joyce, Rory

O’Buaigh, Liam

O’Cainte, Oran