Changes to Championship Formats in 2012

Post date: Jan 22, 2013 6:31:53 PM

Following several difficulties encountered in 2012, the various Championships in which CIMC compete at adult level are to undergo some changes.


Given that a number of clubs ensured there could be no relegation from Senior, the championship now has to accommodate 22 clubs. The Hurling Committee was anxious to retain the hugely popular knockout format from 2012 and maintain the year free from relegation for the promoted Intermediate team.

The new format sees the introduction of a preliminary round prior to Round 1 and a preliminary prior to Round 2.

At round 1 draw stage, two teams will be drawn to play an initial preliminary round. These two teams are drawn from 20 teams as Killimordaly, the Intermediate champions, enter the competition at Round 3 and St Thomas, the County Champions, are not to be subjected to an extra preliminary round as we hope they may be exerting themselve in Croke Park on March 17th.

The winners of the preliminary round to Round 1 naturally go forward to Round 1 while the losers go straight to Round 2 (the Round 1 loser's round)

Round 1 will then consist of 20 teams, 10 vs 10, with the preliminary round loser excluded and St Thomas's included. Round 1 produces 10 winners who proceed directly to Round 3 (the Group stages) and 10 losers who must proceed to Round 2 to playoff for the remaining 5 places in Round 3 (Killimordaly and the 10 winners occupy 11 of the 16 places already)

As the loser of the preliminary round to Round 1 is already in Round 2, a preliminary round to Round 2 must be held to reduce the 10 Round ! proper losing teams to 9. The winner of the preliminary round to Round 1 is excluded (they have already played 2 games) so two teams are drawn from 9 to decide who plays the preliminary round to Round 2. The winner goes to Round 2 whereas the loser goes into relegation competition.

Round 2 is then 10 teams 5 vs 5 with the 5 winners going to Round 3 and the 5 losers going into a six team relegation competition.

The championship competition enters the Group stage at Round 3 with four groups of four teams. The top two in each group go on to quarter finals while the remaining teams go on to the Shield quarterfinals. In a change to last year's format, the winners at Round 3 (the first group game) will play the other winner in Round 4 (the second group game) thus ensuring meaning full Round 6 games (the third group game).

The relegation teams will divided into two groups of 3 teams. The winner of each group will re-enter the Shield competition, while the remaining 4 will crossplay in a relegation semifinal and final. The loser going into Intermediate. Preliminary to Round 1 is scheduled for April 20th with Round 1 proper on the following weekend.

In all the other competitions, Mágh Cuilinn is to be graded in B as this is considered the minimum level at which Senior clubs should compete.

Junior B

The Junior League is eliminated and 24 teams in Junior B are divided into 3 groups of 8, with 2 Junior clubs drawn in each group. Top 4 in each group qualify. Winners and one second place team go straight to quarterfinal. Remaining 8 teams go to preliminary quarter final with the 4 winners of that going to quarterfinal proper.

The winner of the Junior B championship will be promoted to Junior A

The 12 teams not progressing in the Championship enter a Shield competition played in the same preliminary quarter final , quarter final format as the Championship.


U21 B is a 16 team competition with Round 1 an Open Draw 8 Teams VS 8 Teams round.

In Round 2A, Round 1 winners play each other 4 vs 4, winners advance to quarterfinals while losers must play preliminary quarterfinal.

In Round 2B losers at Round 1 play each other 4 vs 4 with winners advancing to preliminary quarterfinal (against Round 2A losers). The losers of Round 2 B enter U21 B1 championship at quarter final stage.

Minor B

Minor B is a 16 team competition organised in two groups of 8 teams

The top 4 teams in each group qualify for quarterfinals while the teams finishing 5th to 8th enter a Minor Shield competition with Minor Shield quarter final draw crossplayed in relation to group final position e.g. 5A vs 8B