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Hopefully we will get back to the pitches in the not too distant future, and in the meantime I want to keep everyone up do date with resources that are out there for everyone.

So to start off with I have attached the slides from a recent webinar I attended hosted by Cathal Cregg, the Provincial Coaching & Games Manager.

I have also included a copy of the Club Coaching and Games Planning Document, which is something we will be looking at completing over the next few months, with input from yourselves.

Here are some useful links to different resources on the Connacht GAA website.

Connacht GAA Podcast With Darragh Cox | Connacht GAA

Physical Literacy | Connacht GAA

Hurling | Connacht GAA

They have also split the "Coaching Manual" into smaller sections which are worth a look, see some examples below:

Coaching Philosophy | Connacht GAA

Coaching Style | Connacht GAA

Qualities of a Coach | Connacht GAA

Coaching Process | Connacht GAA

In Session Coaching | Connacht GAA

Coach Education Pathway | Connacht GAA

Coaching Goals Start of Season | Connacht GAA


Alan Higgins

CIMC Coaching Officer